Both a DJ and producer Mosca’s sound is influenced by a variety of music. From being in a band aged 14 Mosca has aways showed a passion for music and began his exploration of sound by making electronic beats. He’s quoted as saying the first track he finished was Square one (Available on his Square One EP). The EP’s sound was inspired by Marcus Nasty and Mosca began to achieve his potential.

Starting off DJing at 18 he explored, grime, bassline and dubstep. Now, appealing to the house and techno scene, Mosca’s ideal set would be something intimate in Copenhagen, 100 people capacity and a nice vibe. Not too keen on festivals, his favorite place to DJ is Glasgow.

Not worried about alienating his fans Mosca is a man of various genres and is happy to display it all. His logic is that if a producer wants to produce a type of music they should go ahead and do it !

Mosca’s show  ‘In New DJs We Trust‘  on Radio 1 brings its listeners the best  in underground club music, from deep house to dancehall, techno to grime, garage and other urban sounds from around the world.

Mosca’s latest EP ‘Eva Mendes’ (Release/catalogue number: HYPE025 ) will be out on the 11th June.

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