Pouring his heart into every set New York DJ Nutritious is described as “One of the most appetizing DJs on the scene”.

With a residency at the Ace Hotel New York and motivated by tension and release he cites his key inspirations as “life and death”.

“I was fortunate to have the encouragement to simply play instruments, at very young age. Practically no lessons, just constant involvement in live improvisation; there were no mistakes, just “happy-accidents”, new themes. So, I’m self-taught on a number of instruments, turntables included. I read music, books, theory, learn from listening, watching, and tons of practice. “

A man of many tastes and styles, Nutritious is inventive and full of flavour.

When asked if he had a favourite venue or event he simply replied, “That’s like asking if I have a favourite fantasy. For the most part, they’re all a dream come true.”

www.djnutritious.com twitter/djnutritious facebook.com/Nutritious1

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