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Darwin Portfolio Clutch

From bold block colours to intricate prints we are in love with Rianna Phillips designs. We caught up with Rianna to find out about her latest creations and inspirations.

What is your fashion background?
I studied ‘Textile Design for Fashion’ at Manchester School of Art and then went on to do a few internships at Manchester based fashion companies.

What has been your inspiration to pursue fashion? 

Originally I really wanted to design clothes, I made a full collection for my final degree project. But digital print really intrigued me and although this can be applied to clothing I found the size and shape of a clutch bag the perfect canvas size for print. I see it as a piece of artwork that the carrier can take with them wherever they go. Whilst I was at college I became really interested in online fashion websites and spent most of lunch and break time printing off the latest collections from Dior and Chanel. My walls at home were scattered with pictures from the runway. This was the start of it really.

Digital print really intrigued me”

Darwin- sketchbook 2

How would you describe your brands style?
My brand is very fun and bright but quite quirky. There are photographic elements within the print that have become a signature style. Mixing Organic and Synthetic is the underlying theme behind quite a few of the designs.

Who are your bags for?
Women who aren’t afraid of mixing bright colours into their everyday outfits. My customer is the type of fashion savvy person who is interested in design and wants to wear a statement piece that will get noticed at Fashion Week.

How would you describe your personal style?
I shop less and invest in timeless staple pieces that I know I will keep and wear over and over again. I am slightly obsessed with Alexander Wang. I mix a lot of his pieces with minimal high street vest tops/jeans.

Arnham Mini Clutch Bag
Arnham Mini Clutch Bag

Of your latest designs do you have a favourite piece?
I love the Arnham mini clutch bag SS13 it was pieced together with images from a recent trip to Australia, so carrying it around reminds me of happy times! 

Your Spring/Summer 2013 collection is made up of print designs, what is
your creative process ?
It starts with photo research, I’m out and about with a camera finding inspiration at museums, national parks, holidays etc. These photographs are then manipulated and messed with in Photoshop, or printing them out onto fabric/paper and working back into them. Eventually the final designs get digitally printed onto rolls of fabric. The rolls of fabric arrive, the designs are all cut out and the sewing begins.

What is your biggest design inspiration?
Geographical images really inspire me, the National Geographic occasionally collaborate with fashion and the results are always fantastic. Australian fashion is also a big inspiration right now. Brands like Zimmerman, Dion Lee and Finders Keepers all have beautiful print designs. Harvey Nichols has just started stocking Finders Keepers so I can see more Australian fashion making it’s way over here.

Can you tell us about any of the designs you are currently working on?
I’m working on SS14 at the moment, I’m actually sharing the design process via Pinterest so viewers can see the process right from the start. Inspirational images are all coming together on the ‘New age native’ board.

To shop the full collection visit www.riannaphillips.com

Our favourite has to be the Tincon design, £15 for the mini pouch and £36 for the mini clutch.

Tincon Mini Clutch Bag
Tincon Mini Clutch Bag

The story behind the design states that one half of the bag is a sky view of a mountain range and the other a slice of rock from a past adventure.
We love the way the design depicts two views of the same subject. The colours seamlessly mix into each other, with a slight ombre effect to the design. All handmade with ‘love, care and quality’.



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