Phillip Mimms is the man behind Human Aliens. Having a talented artist for a father and a fashion model for a mother his route to design was a natural mix. After graduating he put his talents to use and before he knew it, was making money for his art and designs.

Phillip finds tumblr a big design inspiration, he told us “Tumblr is a very artistic social network and is underestimated. It has so many fashion and art oriented images. Things you might miss in a magazine or at an art show, you can catch on Tumblr. Its like an artistic SportsCenter”. You can check out some of his deigns on tumblr
We asked him what has been his favorite design to date and he simply told us

Nothing I’ve ever done is as good as what I can do. Because whatever I do next will be better than the last”.

His style is detailed cartooning. We were first drawn to his designs because of his partnership with Jeffrey Campbell. When it comes to his style he told us “When art is too realistic, people do not always understand what they are seeing. Or the process that goes into it. In order to grasp the attention of the viewer, you have to create art that seems obtainable”.

His relationship with Jeffrey Campbell started from simply throwing some ideas around. These ideas soon turned to a look book and now you can buy shoes that are a collaboration between Jeffrey Campbell and Phillip Mimms brand Human Aliens.

Seeing his designs brought to life is an amazing feeling and he finds it’s even more amazing to see the support his work has been given.

I do it for people to enjoy. If the viewer/consumer doesn’t like it, I don’t like it. Can’t sell shoes to no one”.

With his plans to build an empire, we expect it wont be long before you are seeing Human Aliens everywhere.

There are a few Human Aliens X Jeffrey Campbell shoes that you can get your hands on now.


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