About HouseAndHeels

HouseandHeels is not just a fashion and house music influenced lifestyle brand-it’s a movement. It’s about living your life through what you love. We have created a unique platform that aims to inform and entertain women about the worlds of fashion and house music. We bring you what we love so that you can spend less time searching for what you need and more time enjoying life!

From Interviews to upcoming events we provide you with interesting and unique content that is seeded across all of our social networks to make is easier for you to find out what you need to know when you need to know it.


What’s on the menu

Fashion News

The latest on what we think is relevant in the fashion world

Faces of Fashion

 Learn more about emerging talent in the fashion industry

Fashion Events

 Great fashion focused events happening now


 We take a special look at something that we love right now

HouseMusic News

 Find out what’s happening in the EDM scene

Behind The Decks

Showcasing the latest talent

HouseMusic Events

 The house music events that have our seal of approval


Hear what we have been listening to


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