When it comes to being ‘down with the kids’ Thump could be considered more with it than your average broadsheet. But when you have something to say about G House rest assured it’s self proclaimed creators may have something to say back and we couldn’t agree more.

Thump declared G House dead after a schoolgirl released a song that many argue isn’t even G House. One reader likened their proclamation to “it’s the “end of g-house” like kriss kross was the “end of rap music”.

This is what Amine Edge had to say on his Facebook page….

G-HOUSE Lovers, please read.
I want to start this post by saying all the love i have for THUMP & VICE, I dont know if my post right now will have a positive or negative impact, i just wright it now spontaneously.
We Amine Edge & DANCE and CUFF had some help for each other with THUMP/VICE giving them exclusive premiere content and them giving us a good exposure.
So now read this: http://thump.vice.com/…/watch-this-tween-effectively-end-g-…
So this writher “Jemayel Khawaja” who try to make controversy saying G-House is dead when G-House (that i created the genre 3 years ago all by myself with my home boy DANCE), with shit argument, like imagine if i work for THUMP and i wright TECHNO IS DEAD and im talking about USHER, make no sense at all.

So basically this guy says that this little girl Sophia Grace, 11 years old who make the buzz with her track “Best Friend” sing and rap on a G-House beat, like this guy heard this style of music for the first time or just came back from another planet after been missing 20 yeas on mars, so mate first of all there is no House in this track and no G-House at all, this kind of beat was invented by DJ Mustard that everybody copy right now as a rnb and hip hop reference beat maker, but yo you live in LA so just turn on any Hip Hop radio and all you hear its DJ MUSTARD non stop and nobody says its G-House, never, its the new R’n’B. I don’ think G-House is dead and i don’t think R,n’B too. Then you says:
“Once you find out that an 11 year old is into, can make, and has made the kind of tunes you’re into, it’s just not the same anymore. Can you imagine being in some sweaty basement nightclub frying on synthetic stimulants, thinking about how badass and edgy you are, and then realizing that Snotnosed Sammy who you babysit is at home on the couch, sucking his thumb and listening to the same music? It’s enough to cause ego death or loss of identity… not something you want to experience on a dancefloor. ”
That means mate, if this beat was mad by the talented DJ Mustard (dont mean this beat of not nice, its cool beat) and you put Chris Brown singing the same lyrics on it you will love the track, that very hypocrite, and this girl had the most amazing experience of her life having lot of fun doing a video clip with her friends and she’s happy, so its all good for me i’m for happiness of people and i dont respect basic uneducated haters like you who talk shit about something they have no clue about, i dont think i’m amazing or something but i will never open my mouth for something i have no clue, when i open my mouth be sure that i fucking know what i’m talking about. you represent a respected magazine who people read and take as reference of music culture education, but maybe your intention is really to kill G-House because you hate it ? I’m the creator of this music and with all the meetings we have all days from all the majors, all the biggest magazine and people in this industry i can tell you that it’s just the fucking beginning. And by the way, read all the comment on your shit, there zero positive comment, as you said on tweeter: “We know that when we say cheeky shit, people will react”, you are totally right, all you said was shit, i react. Having shit writer in this amazing magazine its like having corrupted cops in the police, supposed to serve and protect when you supposed to inform and educate, you are the weakest link, good bye.

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