Dabit Records what is the background to your label?
Three of us founded the label, Nick Morris (Nello Nicita), Dave Scott (Davide La Maesta) and myself Kick Douglas (Massimo Previti). We are all Sicilian’s and have been friends for many years; we share a profound love of house and disco music. We wanted to launch a label as means to release our own productions along with the productions of producers we admire, both established and new! We also hoped to bring the house revival back to Italy and try to create a thriving scene alongside other labels like Metropolitan and Apparel Music.

What inspired the concept of Dabit Records?
The actual name ‘Dabit’ is a play on words really; it is how we Italians say ‘The Beat’. I guess the overall concept comes from our vision of house music and how we have engaged with the scene over here in Italy for many years. As friends we obviously discuss our passions and through our shared vision the label concept was born.

How would you describe your label?
It’s always difficult to describe something like a record label. We are a relatively new label and I guess the overall direction will become apparent over a few more releases. But, I think a good word to use would be ‘fluid’ – we want to be able to change the labels sound from release to release, to sign music because we love it and not because it fits a certain current ‘sound’.

What do you look for in a track or an artist?
Music is an emotional thing, so the most important aspect for us when listening to demos is how we feel when we listen to them. We have such a broad musical taste between the three of us that a single track can mean different things to each individual. But we also have a 3 tick strategy, and all three of us need to like the tracks/artist before we contemplate releasing it… I guess this acts as a kind of quality control.

What artist would you love to work with?
To be honest, we are always on the look out for new artists… we have such a great platform to help them on to the ladder. Obviously we have musical heroes, some of which we have already worked with, Alex Agore for example… but I think for us, its all about discovering new music and introducing people to new artists. So we would love to work with talented up and comers…

What have you got lined up at the moment?
The Jack Fell Down EP has just come out on vinyl, with the digital round the corner. It’s a really nice package with a remix from Urulu and Accatone. Then we gave Accatone his own EP – some really nice roots house action here with some killer vocal samples. And then after that we have a German duo Coeo, with a remix from Steve Huerta… also a fantastic EP and the Coeo boys are ones to watch out for next year!

Get your hands on their tracks here.
For more info check out dabit-records.com

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