Accatone you’re described as having lived a life of full front musicianship, what is your musical background?
Well this is kind of hard to summarize… my musical background is kind of crazy, I got into electronic music really early. I was about 16 and all I wanted was to listen to records. I had a friend of mine that had a pair of turntables and used to record some mixtapes that were played in the afternoon recess while I was in high school. We spent countless days just listening to records and missing classes!

I played percussion throughout my teens and got really serious about it when I was 19/20. When I was 21 I started playing with a band and had my first stage experience with a large audience. This was an all acoustic 7 people on stage kind of band and we played throughout Portugal that year.

After this I got introduced by a good friend to production and started djing and doing live acts on the ambient areas of several open air festivals. I then decided I wanted to get serious and learn some audio fundamentals. At the time my only option was either to go abroad or enlist my self on the national cinema conservatory (Sound Department). So I went for the second option and it was a complete life changer. I then started to use the studio at school to listen to my demos and by the time I was graduating I started releasing music as Accatone.

What have been your key inspirations?
I guess when you’re writing music you get inspired by everything around you. Can be a life event, a movie, a heartbreak , a great record, it’s all there.

How would you describe your style?
I try to keep as organic as you can but I guess I’ll leave that for other people to decide.

How is the house scene in Portugal?
I think the scene in Portugal is really rich and diverse, I mean we have a small scene but with great artists clubs and an educated audience.

Do you have a favourite venue/ event you like playing at?
I have had the chance to travel a bit and play in large clubs and events but the one that still stands out is a small 200 pax afterhours in Lisbon called Europa. It runs only for 4 hours, from 6 am to 10 am but it is the most intense craziest/funniest place I’ve ever had a chance to play.

What have you got lined up at the moment?
I’ve been as busy as ever and had the chance to release my work in wonderful labels. Right now I have a colab with Kisk coming out on Apparel and also my “Get Outta That Hole” EP on Dabit. Looking forward to what’s to come next I just want to keep making

Can you suggest 3 tracks for us to listen to this New Years Eve?
Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits
Soft House Company – What You Need
Key to Life Featuring Kathleen Murphy – Find Our Way (Breakaway)

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