Blacks loops are a duo made up of Riccardo Paffetti & Gabriele Micheli. After listening to their Rollin EP we had to ask these guys some questions. The EP is out now on Toy Tonics our favourite track has to be Let Me See You Roll, we are suckers for a good set of vocals and this deep sound is insane.

How did you become a duo?

Me (Riccardo) and Gabriele have known each other from long time… I was organising parties in Italy, and he was the photographer at every party…

How would you describe your musical style?

Our style is a combination of techno, house, electronic and funk… some kind of “Techno Funk”….
black_loops disegno bono

One of you is a rock drummer… do you think this helps you to bring something really different with your music?

We think that being a musicians could make the difference in terms of producing techno – house tracks… “unfortunately” nowadays everyone could be a producer without being a musician first.. and it’s a sad thing…

Your both born in Italy but Riccardo your based in Berlin, how does this influence your sound?

It influence our sounds a lot, you will hear it in the last tracks we made for our next ep for gruuv rec….moving to Berlin gave us the possibility to be more updated about the new sounds and genres …

What do you think the best moment of your Black Loops career has been?

Ehehehe our career is still young… we’ve just started less than a year ago… the best has to come 🙂

Can you tell us a bit about how your new EP ‘Rollin’ came about?

“Rollin” is composed by some really old tracks (“Let me see you roll” is the first track we made ever) and some new like “take it back” and “make u feel good”.. We wanted to do a mix of style like hip hop, soul and funk, using some original vocals pitched down and some soul samples..

What are your plans for the next couple of months?

we’re going to release a track for the russian label “Godzilla Kebab” and some remixes for labels like gruuv rec. and deep inside rec, In late january 2014 our first ep with gruuv rec, and in march 2014 our third ep for Toytonics.

If you could only ever attend 1 club for the rest of your life which would it be?

Kater holzig. we call it “wonderland” eeheheheh

Can you tell us 3 tracks you’ll be listening to this New Years?


Catch Black Loops 25/01/14 at Fire – Shuush First Birthday x Gruuv Showcase

shuush 1st birthday

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