Italian born producer Dema is considered one of the most exciting new talents in the techno music scene. With the likes of Richie Hawtin and Sven Vath finding his music interesting this techno artist has been working on a sound recipe to make you want to dance. He loves the London energy so it’s great to hear he will be playing on the 16th November at Fire.

What is your musical background?
I started listening to electronic music when I was 14, following the sound of Giorgio Moroder, Sven Vath, Miss Kittin, Steve Bug, Timo Maas and attending one of the most important club in my city, Magazzini Generali, that influenced me a lot. I was fascinated by the possibility of manipulating the sounds, to create something new, something out of the ordinary. At the beginning I worked with my pc on mashups and “home made” remixes as a joke and after some time, I decided to buy a DJ console and started to play with vinyl and CDs. Then 7 years ago, I started to produce my own music, very minimal style inspired to Minus sound mainly. In the last few years I have gone in a more techno direction and now I love to mix organic percussions and vocals into a good techno groove.

What has led to you being described as an exciting new talent in the house music scene?
I have worked very hard in the latest years in order to find the best sound for make people dancing and for represent my feelings at the same time. Releasing on labels like Sci+Tec, Trapez, Agile etc has help me to spread my idea of music and I have had a very positive feedback from clubbers and listeners, that is the best thing possible for a producer. Fortunately a lot of djs like Hawtin, Dubfire, Sven Vath, Adam Beyer and others have found very interesting my music, I think because it perfectly fits with their sound and gives a lot of energy. This big support from them has given me a big push.

How would you describe your style?
In this last year I’m very focused on techno sound with hypnotic ambience, strong basslines and energetic groove. I like to use strange vocals and sometimes some funky influences in order to make the tunes more particulars and “danceable”.With my music I try to reflect the sound that I like produce and play during my gigs. My aim is not only to express my sound, but also transmit energy and positive vibes. In particular to give the idea of “party” every time that someone listens my tunes.

What’s been your best set so far?
Is very difficult to find the best gig, I have done many performances in these years but for sure I find always a great energy in London, I think because the crowd is multietnic and very open to new music and new talents.. they want to party and I think this is the bestthing for a dj. Everytime I come in London I know that will be a great party.Of course I can’t forget great experiences also in some festival in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany.. good sound system and party people. Another nice gig has been this summer in NYC, at the historic Cielo Club. Play in the temple of house music has been a great experience, also to see a different scene from Europe.

How was it developing as an artist in Italy?
I think Italy is a very difficult place for young new talents. Not only in music, all the scene is in the hands of few names that pay attention only on earn. Fortunately in the latest months I have seen there are some new situation that are trying to do something different, focused on new music and new names from italy and europe.. I hope something will change soon because Italy is full of great producers and djs that need to be push in their home country.

How did it feel to have your music recognised by the likes of Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin?
It’s a dream come true, every time I find some positive feedbacks or playlist with my music it makes me happy and gives me energy to continue on this way. I remember the first time that I heard live Paco Osuna play one of my old tracks made with Paride Saraceni, it happened 6 years ago in the favourite club of my city, Magazzini Generali.. seemed a joke but it was true and it has been only the first of a long list of supports from him and many others.

What have you got lined up at the moment?
At the moment I have a lot of upcoming stuff.. my new ep on Agile with remixes by The Junkies and Ramiro Lopez will be out in the next few weeks. We have already received a lot of positive feedbacks and the tracks are already played by Hawtin, Dubfire, Karotte and many more. Then between December and January my new tune on Terminal M, Octopus and Elevate (the new label of Pig&Dan) will be released. In the meanwhile i’m finishing some new projects for Sci+Tec, Ideal Audio and others labels.. plus I’m working on my own label “Redrum Music”, it’s a little project that is working well for now, reaching the support of many djs.. I think 2014 will be a good year!

It’s coming up to New Year can you recommend 3 tracks we should add to our playlist?
2013 has been full of very good music.. I want to suggest 3 tracks that I’m playing a lot in the latest months.
The first is Bodylost by Gaiser, it is a techno minimal track with a nice vocal inside.. full of energy is perfect to open a djset.
Second one is Polyester by Sam Pagani, released before the summer on Cocoon i’m still playing it and the people always jump.
Last one is my track “Framing”, released on Dubfire’s Sci+Tec is what best represents my
idea of music this year.

You can catch Dema on the 16th November at Fire
Reboot at Fire

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