Fronted by Girl Boss Chloe and her team of sassy interns Bottle Blonde Studio is based in Coventry, UK. The brand is leading a tinsel fuelled rebellion with its followers seen frolicking at festivals in Prismatic Earrings and Unicorn Cascade Jackets. With the unforgettable Tinsel Jackets available on a 4-week pre-order you’ll have to make your purchasing decision early to get the maximum use of your new swag this season.

Beware, wearing a Tinsel Jacket will make you the star of the show, so leave extra time when you head to find the loos as you’ll be stopped about a million times by people wanting to give you a compliment.

Here are our favorite items.
Disco Dreams Festival Tinsel Jacket 4 WEEK PRE-ORDER £200.00

Oil Slick Cascade Tinsel Jacket 4 WEEK PRE-ORDER £200.00

Unicorn Mini Tinsel Jacket 4 WEEK PRE-ORDER £200.00