east village

East Village have announced that their license has been suspended.


The promotions and music team had the shocking and totally unexpected news that East Village’s license was suspended this week with a full review pending within a month. Unfortunately we are unable to open this weekend so Player’s Ball and The Village on Friday and Sunday respectively have both been cancelled and we apologize to both promoters and fans of the nights for the serious inconvenience caused. Soultogether have found a good replacement venue for their killer line-up this Saturday night. Just down the road at 58 Old St, Nomad has two floors so the line- up stays exactly the same with both Kevin Hedge (Blaze) and Patrick Wilson on their way to London from America (plus there is a later 5am license!).
So no East Village this weekend and we promise to keep everyone updated via our newsletters, facebook and twitter.”

Resident Advisor report that a note outside the venue states that Metropolitan Police
have requested a review of the clubs license on the grounds it has been associated with “serious crime”.

East Village have gone on to comment on their Facebook page that :

“We are still in a bit of shock about it and not really much information to add at present. All those involved in making the club what it is, with great music, artists and parties are completely gutted with the current situation. We hope this is not something that will last a long time for everyones sake, both inside the club and everyone that comes down and makes us special. We will keep everyone up to date with information as and when we can offer it and like I said, we hope to be back in action sooner rather than later!”

….Fingers Crossed !

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