There are always new experiences to be had in Ibiza and 2017 gave me a brand new first. Having previously never spent a Saturday night on the Spanish island all my Elrow experiences have come from their various London events.
I can tell you now that those shows were a great warm-up for the heart-stopping Elrow Ibiza.

Check out there behind the scenes video.

I arrived fashionably early to avoid queuing and was greeted by a room already buzzing to the sounds of Eats Everything and some crazy costumed actors running back and forth.
Within 45 minutes the venue was so packed you could no longer see the floor. The terrace opened and was literally filled with eye-catching decorations all in the theme of an enchanted forest. Elrow doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creating an unforgettable spectacle.

As the night progressed all were expecting the confetti canons but glow in dark people hanging from the ceiling was a new one to me.

Overall as long as you can cope with a packed club (which is standard for Ibiza) and €12 Cranberry juices (also pretty standard for Ibiza) Elrow at Amnesia should be on your Ibiza to do lists.

If it all gets a bit too much for you, you can always escape to the smoking garden, which is also decorated in full Elrow flavour and even has a DJ to keep you entertained.

So Elrow Ibiza is over but that definitely doesn’t mean the party is over. Here are few Elrow events we recommend checking out before the year is over

HalloweenSaturday, October 28 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

HalloweenSunday, October 29 2017 Barcelona, Spain

New Years Eve – From Lost to the RiverSunday, December 31 2017 Bristol, United Kingdom

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