So Redshape how was life before the mask?

Both harder and easier… the work and passion it took to get into the music scene in the late nineties was quite hard, especially when you come from such a small town like me. It seemed hard although looking back now I have to say those were the best and most focused times – at least regarding music, regarding “exploring” sound. I’m not 20 anymore, so views changed, working methods changed and expectations changed. That’s a natural process I guess, and given the amount of places and nice people I meet now it cant be much better.

Is their a reason for masking your identity/ do you think image plays a big role in house music these days?

I don’t know. You know spending time thinking about the philosophic aspect in our culture I never think about that mask or masks in general. With the years that mask has become its own living thing – it doesn’t care if I like it or not…but to be honest it’s such a great fun to put it on, scare, surprise, tease, irritate people.. ’cause in the end the concentration on the music I play gets a boost either because people like the idea, or people hate it and even concentrate (or judge?) more then…

What have been your key inspirations?

(Checking a live recording of a set of mine while writing this and listened for myself to answer this question) I hear so many different points in my life, situations, other artists, parties, feelings I had. So to just put some names wouldn’t sum it up. Lets put it like this: my travels through music and art the past 15 years gave me all the key inspiration I needed.

How would you describe your musical style?

A brain and stomach treatment for advanced but easy minded listeners.

Tell us about what you have got lined up at the moment (EP, sets, mixes, collaborations)?

Just got test pressings of the next one on present. It’s gonna be a onesided 12″, the second after “dog day” some years back. I’m also working on a new running back. I have many ideas floating in my head including ideas for palisade my other project, as well as maybe starting a full length next year. In February I will do a special show in Singapore, working with a known and super talented guy for quite a big visual happening…

After all of your travels do you have a favourite venue/ event you like playing at?

For sure, even if that sounds a bit boring… it’s berghain / panorama, and that is mainly because this venue is the most focused techno leisure point in Berlin, and Berlin is where my music comes from so its best witnessed here.

At Halloween everyone wears masks, so will you be bucking the trend and taking yours off?

haha, why should I? now that i’m under like-minded people?

New Years is fast approaching can suggest 3 tracks for us to listen to?

Elvis Costello & The Roots – Wise Up Ghost
I just had my birthday, and that track I choose to be the first of the next year in the chain…
Cesar Davila-Irizarry & Charlie Clouser – American Horror Story Theme
There were moments where I couldn’t stop listening to this, I love those strings they kinda put
me in the mood of watching darkish movies from the eighties..
Daft Punk – Touch (feat. Paul Williams)
It was a hard way for that album to catch me. All of a sudden it did, and this track, for me, marks the best combination of classic chanson, musical writing, Michael Jackson and good but tragic energy.. one to open the heart. (always good for the new year!)

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