Your origins are as a live act, why did you make the transition to producing and releasing music?

It was a natural process that we think any band goes through.  If you do not start producing and releasing your music, it gets really hard for people to get to know you. You got to play by the rules to some extent.

Does what you do live differ from the music you produce?

Yes and no.  Our approach to producing is very similar to our approach to playing live.
However, when we play live, we simplify the tracks to their minimal expression and leave lots of room for improvisation. In the end we are playing our tracks, but they are more like live remixes than exact renditions. Every show gets it’s own twist.

For anyone who hasn’t heard your music how would describe your sound?

First and foremost it’s techno, but we go all over the place, call it eclectic techno if you will. There are touches of  house, dub, electro, acid… You can hear jazz, rap and latin influences too. Texture wise, warm and fat. We are gear junkies and you can definitely hear that.


Does being married help when it comes to working on music together?

It doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure.  Fun fact, LN is inscribed inside our wedding rings.

You have traveled a lot with your music, can you tell us about your best crowd so far?

SUNJAM!!!  It’s an amazing 24 hour party in the middle of the Caribbean on Water Cay, a small key off of the island Utila in Honduras. That crowd has the most vibrant energy we’ve ever felt. The location definitely ads to the magic.  Best party ever!

Do you have a favourite venue/ event you like playing at?

It’s not any easy choice, but we are going to have to go with O’Portiño, an underground venue in Galicia, Spain. It’s a beautiful little bar and restaurant next to the sea by day, club and after­hours by night and the early am hours. Concha, the owner, is one of the coolest ladies on the planet and she not only throws a mean party, but is a fabulous cook. Galicia, calidade!

What have been your key inspirations for this L.P?We draw inspiration from every day life and the world around us. We started the album in our old home in Spain and then moved to the US halfway through its completion, so that definitely made in impact too. Playing with the names of the computer keys, the title, Escape Control, refers to the place technology has in our lives today and the side effects of such an intimate relationship.

Do you have a favourite track from your new L.P?

Hard to choose a favorite, their our children. Right now at this very moment I (S5k) would say Español is my fave, Martin hates them all.


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