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Can you describe your sound?
My sound is a mixture between the organic & the emotional, drums oriented, with a splash of soul, a melody. I try to combine these components with what I call the “techno gangsta groove”.

How do you prepare for an event? 

Lilith wearing Dirty Fresh Laundry
Lilith wearing Dirty Fresh Laundry

As with anything you do in life, planning and preparation are they key. I spend a lot of time on collecting, buying and trying out records. I’m not one of those lucky bastards that can just show up and play: u can almost call it an OCD LOL.. I need to know every track in my folder, and I need to know it well. Hence the reason It’s a never ending job: on one hand you have the latest & the newest tracks that just came out, on the other hand I like to dig deep into releases that are sometimes months old: its good to find a few gems in there that everybody else missed J That’s why you would rarely hear me play tracks that “everybody knows”. I don’t care much for the safety of “hits”. I’m more of a “let me play sum stuff you’ve never heard and still rock it” -kinda girl.

Have you played / attended many festivals before, what do you like about them? And do you have any funny memories?
Well I’ve played Welcome To The Future, Dance Valley, Mysteryland just to name a few. In a way festivals make me always extra nervous. But I really love the atmosphere. A funny memory was last year’s b2b set with Dennis Ferrer at Mysteryland (NL) . It was raining cats and dogs and it was an outdoor stage you see… Oh boy, it had all the makings of a disaster but turned out to be so much fun.

Who are you looking forward to seeing play at WeAreFSTVL?
If I could cut myself in 30 pieces I would say everybody. But to name a few names off the top of my head… Raresh, Ricardo Villalobos & Petre Inspirescu.

What song makes you think of summer?
Lagrimas del sol – David Gtronic Lilith – AoD. LOL

What track are we guaranteed to hear you play?
I can’t guarantee you anything right now. But what you guys can expect from me is a set with tons of new tracks. And I will play stuff from my mini album for sure Lagrimas Del Sol on Art Of Dark And as far as the rest of the set goes.. Lets keep it mysterious.

Have you got an all time favorite record?
Oh, the dreaded “one track question” Nope, I’m such an addict when it comes to new tracks.. I’m ALWAYS on a look out for something nobody has. And from the “old but gold” category there’s just too many to just pick one. I plead the Fifth!

What have you got lined up at the moment ? 
My new “Lagrimas del Sol” album, a collaboration with David Gtronic, is out on Art of Dark (May 6) and within days it went straight to nr 35 in Top 100 techno releases on Beatport so I’m really excited about that. Then there’s an EP I did for Mr Ferrer’s Objektivity imprint that should come out this year. Another EP on Moscow Records and my collaborative track with P.Jones on Novus.

Available on Beatport 

What are you plans for this summer?
I’m looking forward to go to see my friends in Ibiza, and gigging around the globe. Should be fun to play play the Objektivity party during the Sonar week, then I think im off to Moscow. Im also playing a couple of more festivals this year: 18 Hours festival, Vertigo Festival & Valtifest in September, and in between those festival gigs just the “normal” club gigs, business as usual! Memories that are waiting to happen.


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