Elrow Town London was one of our best festival experiences this year. Not only was their great music but Elrow never fails to deliver a memorable event. From the people on stilts to the trapeze artists suspended from an insect-like construction they truly went to the next level.

A daytime event always requires a bit of pre-planning and we decided to arrive at 4pm to ensure we could dance through until the end. There were three main areas to enjoy The Pink Cathedral, The Cave and Town Square. The Pink Cathedral played host to a roller disco with standing room for the less athletic and other cute additions like a photo booth. The Cave was the tented arena with the canopy fully decorated and reminiscent of Elrow in Amnesia. The Town Square allowed full an outdoor fun experience that can only truly be had at a day rave.

We danced away in the intermittent sunshine while confetti filled the air and streamers rained down around us.

So although Elrow is over to London the Ibiza season has not yet finished. There are still a few weeks left to get the Elrow experience.