There is a lot of talk about a typical Shoreditch style, usually comprising of denim shorts, spikes somewhere on your person, all topped off with a crop top. When we headed down to Bricklane to see what you were wearing we were quickly able to squash this stereotype- there was not a bumbag in sight!
So we spoke to some Shoreditch comers and goers about their style and what they think is stylish about Shoreditch.

After meeting a few people we definitely feel that Shoreditch is a style conscious area down to the creative people it attracts. Overall Shoreditch is a great place to get inspiration and shop vintage, but these carefully curated shops don’t always offer bargain prices. It’s definitely more about having a sense of style though than the amount you paid for the outfit, so label flashers are probably better off somewhere else. A few people think that what is known as the stereotypical Shoreditch style is often worn by people who don’t frequent the area, but it isn’t a bad thing, it’s an identity and should be owned.  If the fact that a few people are trying quite hard puts you off then maybe you need to stick to a more laid back neck off the woods- Camden was suggested.

Let us know where we should go next. We’re thinking either Camden or Chelsea?