Red panda Music returns for its 13th release with label owner Xols stepping up with her ‘Outside the box EP’. Xols began in 2015 with the creation of Red Panda Music, where she has released her own music as well as other artists, mainly from Barcelona’s vibrant underground scene. Her musical journey has taken her through many different musical styles from Detroit flavored Techno to Jazzy electronica, slowly garnering the attention of the Spanish press as well a few international names.

“Enjoy Tonight” opens the EP, a searing arpeggio driven track counterbalanced by powerful chords and the original vocals of Marinetta, used to great effect. A track perfect to lift the energy in the room. A modern day twist on a time served old school vibe. “Keep it On” follows up, this time taking things into a more playful territory, but still managing to keep the production aesthetic of the first track with the use of those lovely driving synth lines.

Speaking about the release Xols said;
“In this EP I tried to give my music a melodic, emotional twist to my music, as well as featuring the lovely voice of Marinetta for Enjoy Tonight.”

“Wise Thoughts” takes on a slightly more refined approach with Crisp 808 beats swaddled by a delicious chord progression and just the slight taste of a bubbly 303 acid injection.

“Farewell Yellow Spider” closes out this diverse EP, standing out as the mellow, emotional track of the pack, standing firm against cluttering the track with unwanted elements, the refined arrangement and interplay of those lovely Xols synth lines wrap you in a warm embrace and drag you away into the night.

Release Tracklist:
1.Enjoy Tonight (Feat. Marinetta)
2.Keep It On
3.Wise Thoughts
4.Farewell Yellow Spider

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