As an Arcadia newbie, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d seen the photos of what they were hoping to install in the Olympic park, but what was offered was so much more. Arcadia were able to create a high energy atmosphere that was truly a feast for the eyes. Some of the best DJs were on hand to get the crowd moving and keep your ears entertained. It may for an all-around gripping experience and one I was more than happy have start festival season 2018!
This bank holiday weekend had some of the best weather on record and everyone that had bagged a ticket to Arcadia made the most of it. We were dancing in the sunshine from day to nightfall when the real show started with pyrotechnic fireballs blasting.

Every year it seems more and more glitter is being worn but it was also nice to see a return to some of the more laid back ‘European’ festival looks too. Here are a few of our favourite festival looks.


Here is a little taste of our view from the crowd.

Festival season has only just begun. If you trying to decide what festival to go to next, may our festival guide will be of help. We have listed out some of London and the UK’s hottest events from now through until September 2018.