We headed down to the Cuff Ibiza Launch at the Great Suffolk street warehouse. After hearing the first Cuff London event went off we had high expectations , and are happy to say we weren’t disappointed.

To start things off the event operated a single queue system outside, so ticket holders , paying on the doorers and gueslisters were all in one queue. Believe me it helped, stopped any confusion and anyone trying to skip to the front because their best mates gran is Amine Edge’s hairdresser.

There were two rooms playing music and a third housing just a bar and access to the smoking area, perfect if you had to send a quick text and get a drink without it being spilledtwo seconds later.

Finally the music, the acts leading up to Amine Edge and Dance were definitely not a warm up. We have to shout out Clouded Judgement for blowing everyone away with their set and then staying to party all night long. Amine Edge and Dance completely killed everyone. It was honestly like a concert with everyone transfixed, hanging on each drop. The energy was so high that when they played their signature track (a remix of Frank Ocean’s Lost) you couldn’t help but go crazy in admiration of their skill. It’s hard to describe in words so take a look for yourselves. Here is our event video where we captured some of the goings on.

People were looking cool on the night so we got some great street style snaps, May is fast approaching so these girls are giving us some much needed Ibiza style inspiration.