When it comes to dressing for a festival there are a few different tribes you will observe. So wether you choose to buck the norms or go with the trends here are some styles that we love.

Sports Styler

You’ll normally find these girls wearing a bomber jacket and the latest pair of trainers. And if you think it’s silly to wear white kicks to a festival they’ll treat you to a tale of how they actually bought three pairs and these are totally washable.

Denim Doll

On a regular day you look around and everyones wearing jeans, so when it comes to festival why should it be any different. These beauties have a favourite pair of jeans or shorts and are set on finding increasingly interesting ways of styling them. If a perfect unique outfit combination doesn’t spring to mind you’ll find them in a fool proof ensemble of their denim and a slogan tee (they might even have a checked shirt to add some colour).

Bohemian Beauty

If it was still a thing to be a hippy these lot would have already signed up. 70s fashion is alive and kicking and can be found on these flared sleeves and the tie dye wearing babes. Some might go for an update polished look complete with braids and a golden head chain but it’s equally acceptable to embrace the naturalist roots of the trend complete with bare feet.

Throwback Baddie

The 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s are all inspirations to these festival dressers. Wether it’s bright colours or a black mini dress and chocker these girls are dealing some seriously throwback vibes. Lycra is there best friend as are sequins and anything vintage. You’ll find them mixing modern trends with items from years gone by. The real OG’s will be looking for their original finds all year round are itching for festival season.

Body Barer

Showing as much skin as possible ensures that under the rare circumstances that the weather in warm these cuties will be staying cool. Showing arms, legs as well as some midriff helps to show off a great tan which is these girls biggest accessory. A crop top, co-ords or a sheer ensemble are go to items.

A special thanks to all the babes featured in our photos.