Not wanting to risk talking to soon, we just had to wait until it actually happened to truly celebrated Freedom Day. 

19th July 2021 marked the first time our much loved clubs could open dance floors and we can’t wait for festival season to hit. Many of the heavy hitters even went out there way to host a midnight opening with great lineup planned for the first weekend out lockdown. 


Fabric will open for a total of 42 hours in celebration of the clubs return. They will be hosting a weekend-long celebration of UK-based talent & residents, blending house, techno, D&B and more.

Egg London

A mixture of nighttime parties and daytime celebrations will grace Egg’s first weekend back in business. 

Jackies, the well-known Barcelona party of House, Disco, Soul and Funk Music, lands for the first time in London on 24th July with the terrace playing host to Spencer Parker, Terry Francis The Menendez Brothers and Remi. 


As one of dance music’s most influential and important figureheads, XOYO felt it only made sense to ask Skream to join them for its extended reopening weekend parties. 

There will also be some of the UK’s most exciting upcoming producers & DJs, Effy bringing her driving house and techno sound and Glasgow takeover with La La & Jay Celino.

Ministry of Sound

Dust off your raving shoes, call your friends, cancel your Zoom subscription and let’s never speak of quizzes, banana bread or Joe Wicks ever again. It’s Summer 2021 and it’s time for a party. Ministry of Sound will be getting in Sam Divine for their first Saturday back. 

Studio 338 

There is a promise of this being one of the most memorable parties of our lifetimes. The first chance to once again come together and dance.  The first chance to release ourselves from the restrictions which we have lived under for a year…..the first chance to be free again. Expect the biggest production ever attempted, a huge line-up and some very emotional scenes. Starting at 2pm Saturday this win run through til 6am.  

There are currently reports that a double vaccination will be required for clubbing and large events by the end of September, but like everything else to do with Covid-19 we are waiting to see how that goes.