Manchester-hailing, now London based Anassa, has a knack for writing big tunes that fuse her clubbing roots with massive hooks, tough melodies, and soaring vocals.
The rising electro-pop artist, featured on two huge club hits over the summer of 2022: ‘Summer of Love’ with Tom Ferry (released on Jonas Blue’s label and synced on Love Island), and ‘Too Blind’, the club banger from renowned UK producer Z Dot.
This year she’s already released three singles, the first one being ‘On and On’, which featured MOBO award-winning rapper Alika. The second single was the super-catchy ‘Stay Over’, and her new track is ‘Diamonds’.
We caught up with Anassa to find out more about what inspires her as an artist…
What would you say inspires you most as an artist?
That’s tricky.. I love poetry and so lyrics are really important to me. I love titles and twisted idioms as a place to start or I love a great bass line or choosing a situation, experience or something going on for me and writing from there, I think that’s my inspiration really.
How do you think your sound has grown and evolved since releasing your debut single ‘On and On’?
I actually wrote all the songs released after ‘on and on’, before my sessions with Z and Alika, so I guess it’s strange as the releases you guys have seen have been in reverse chronology for me , but I think it’s taken working with amazing artists like Z, Krunch and Alika to have the confidence to release stuff on my own.
How would you describe your vibe and your sound?
I’d like to think my music is upbeat, fun and feel good. I’ve really spent time trying to make my sound into something i would want to listen to with my friends to get ready for the weekend. I love performing and i want everyone to have the best time, so I don’t want to pause the set for a sit down sad song, I would love to see happy faces.
Your latest single is out on Laguna Music, how has it been working with the label?
It’s been so great, being an independent artist means I get to have much more say and with my indecisiveness it’s been a blessing to chop and change between what I feel like doing and releasing next. releasing my music through Sound On has also been incredible, seeing my tracks on TikTok playlists that I use is so surreal and i’m so grateful for their support.
Tell us about Diamonds – what do you think your fans will love most about the track?
I personally loved writing and playing on historic attitudes that women should rely on men for ‘Diamonds’ and juxtaposing this with attitude and female empowerment that runs through the track. I think it’s a journey most of us go on, you can’t rely on anyone else, so get yourself the diamonds in life, or for your best friends.
You’ve worked with some incredible artists, Z Dot, Alika, – what do you like about collaborating with other talent?
That’s tough as it is an honour to be in the room with these amazing people, I think what I appreciate most is their positivity and energy. i’m quite self critical and I end up squashing most of my own ideas because I think they’re not good enough or perfect so getting to work with people as talented and acclaimed as Z, Krunch and Alika, when they like an idea it is really inspiring and empowering, i always leave their sessions feeling on top of the world.

Are people going to be able to see you perform this summer?
I’m hoping so, i’m currently in discussions with my management for a few possible festivals and then some intimate gigs in London that i’m really looking forward to.
What are we going to hear from you next?
That’s a good question.. I had a complete plan but as always, i’ve changed my mind and I think i’m driving everyone mad with constantly going back to the drawing board but i’m thinking something a little different and left of centre, i’d like to think, what you wouldn’t expect next, but who knows that might change by tomorrow.