Queen’s Yard Summer Party is returning for another year of dancing in Hackney Wick to kick off the summer in style on 29th April 2023. This year expect to enjoy a range of venues including Colour Factory, The Yard, CRATE, Boat Live, Number 90, 9294, alongside a bunch new spots.

Your ticket will grant you entry to all of the programmed venues across the festival from midday to 10:30pm.
There is ample capacity across the festival for everyone to be dancing in venues at any one point but at peak times some of the larger venues do get busy so guests will be encouraged to explore all the spaces that the festival has to offer (often exciting artists are hidden away, playing in the most obscure spaces).

This year there will be 40 crews bringing their talent down to Hackney Wick or the first dance of the summer. Queen’s Yard Summer Party is a nice warm-up for the UK’s festival season.


45 Drakes, Aaron Dynamic, Aletha, Amane, Anil, Anja Ngozi, Anko, Anna Wall, Apricot Ballroom, Ariane V, ATRIP, auratekh, Bklava, Blasha & Allatt, Blixa, Bobby., Calaida, Calm Stiege, Carl H, Cartel Chris, Chantz n Lish, Chapel Walk, Charles Green, Charleze, CHERI, Connor Jatter, Creole Cuts, Customer Service, Dale Mussington, Daughters of Frank, Demi Riquisimo, Dennis Roswell, Dig This, DJ Caspa, DJ Culpa, DJ Perception, DJ Space Taxi, DMX Krew (Live), Don’t Call Me Tako, Donazi, Dylan Forbes, Ehua, Eich, Ell Murphy, Ellie Stokes, ESEA Sisters, Facta, fae (UK), Fassbender, Faz, Fio Fa, Fliss Mayo, FREAKENSTEIN, FYI Robyn, Hamoo, Heléna Star , Henzo, Jacana People, Jack Hughman, Jade Blends, James Westall, Jasper Tygner (Live), Jay Carder, Jaye Ward, JayU, Jess Gladstone, Jive Talk, joey manzi, Joi La Frique, Jojo Jones, Joly, Junki Inoue, K-LONE (UK), Karl Karlson, Keplrr, Kincaid, Kingtrix, Kit Lockey, Kmya, Korzi, Krywald & Farrer, KT, Kyle Monologue, Kyle Parsley, LARA, Leaving Drinks Soundsystem, Lishy, Liv Ayers, Loa Szala, Louise Chen, Lucia, Lukas Wigflex, Lulah Francs, LVRA, M-A-X, Madeline (UK). Mama Jo, Maple Cuts, Marc & Spenca, Maria Hanlon, Mariiin, Meg Paine, Megan Leo, Melv, Michelle Manetti, Minus Kendal, Mr James, Maud’dib, Nach, Natural Symphony (Live), natureboi, Nicola Bear, Nicola Mannini, Nonna Fab, object blue, ohmydais, Oli Keens, Oliver.r, Oneman, Orphic, Otik, Papercuts, Pharma, Phil De Janeiro, Phoebe Valentine, Planet Mina, Poison Ivy, R.E.D, Rabiah, RAW SILK, Ruby Savage, Sachana, Saige Sounds, Saturn Sisters, Scarlett O’Malley, Scott Fraser, Shuffle ‘n’ Swing, Sicaria, Softi, Steevio, Suzybee, Sub Rosa, SUCHI, sweetcic, T Dunn, Tai Lokun, Takao, Tatiana, Terry Cotta, The Real Escobar, Theon Bower, Tho, Tia Cousins, Tibasko, Tim Garcia, Tina Edwards, Tom Ellis, Toshiki Ohta, Triple Point, Tristan da Cunha, Tywi, Voices All Stars, wardrobefanatic, warmluke, Wow & Flutter, Yasmine (UK), Yohan, Ysanne, Ysus Dion, Zaltsman

Earful of Wax, Frazer Ray, GoodMostlyBad, Jamiu, Jay Carder, mixtress, My Nu Leng, Noire, RUTHLSS, Surusinghe, Toshiki Ohta, Willow