We are well and truly feeling the breeze now with this autumn weather. If finding something to wear wasn’t already confusing enough , you now have the rain to contend with.

It was a relief to catch up with fashion design and development graduate and style lover Shukura to find out what is inside her winter wardrobe and get some much-needed inspiration for ourselves. See how she’ll be styling some key winter pieces.

Q: What is your favourite season when it comes to fashion?
A: Definitely autumn winter. I love layering. You can do a lot more with winter fashion, summer really narrows you down. I don’t do a lot of summer shopping. I tend to just recycle stuff, or buy things I can also wear in winter. I find myself shopping for winter all year round.

Item no.1 Plaid Shirt






Q: Do you have a particular style?
A: I like things oversized. I might have days where I feel girly so I’ll dress girly or I may feel gothy and wear all black. I also wear colourful stuff sometimes. So I definitely wouldn’t put myself in a box.

Q: Your wardrobe is on fire what do you grab?
A: My Red fox fur gillet, purchased from portobello market. I’m a big lover of fur which is part of the reason I love autumn/winter. All of my fur is vintage.

Item no.2 Fur Gillet / Jacket



Q: No.1 thing you would never wear?
A: For myself Dungarees, I just don’t find them flattering.

Item no.3 Statement Knit



Q: Any tips?
A: If I like someones outfit I’ll look at the pieces individually and then put together my own take on it. I would never want to ask where they purchased pieces from and buy the exact same.
For this season distress your denim, you can easily do it yourself .

Item no.4 Distressed denim 




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