One of the hot new contenders on the Festival circuit this year has to be Found. Bringing cutting edge sounds to East London.

Aside from the line up the best thing about this festival has to be the location. Some were sceptical about Haggerston Park but the space was used well, perfectly organised and not overcrowded.

Found launched in 2011 making it relatively new to festival goers but after the resounding reception of the Shoreditch street party in 2012 an even bigger crowd flocked to their 2013 offering.

With 4 stages and both indoor and outdoor settings the party was sure to go on come rain or shine. And it did rain, but as expected the mood wasn’t dampened.

With the positive crowd who didn’t mind the idea of getting their hair wet the sun finally came out and the party continued without anyone noticing.

Here’s our view from the crowd:

It was lovely to see how many people have a mutual appreciation for house music and fashion. Here are some of our favourite festival outfits.




The highlights

Lee Foss and MK back to back dropping Reverse Sky diving featuring Anabel Engulndz.

4 ciders for £12 !!

They sold watermelon….was strange seeing it there but once we tried it we were hooked.


The lowlights

The inevitable queue for the toilets